The way businesses procure their energy is changing. If you could have secured your petrol prices for the next 5 years at 99p per litre last year, would you have done so? The answer, of course, would be YES.... Well, the same principle applies to energy. Take a small increase now, secure long term at today's prices and ensure budget certainty. It's also worth remembering that the current wholesale energy price in the UK is still 60% cheaper than when the markets peaked in 2008, so it shows you the possible upside, where the UK energy markets could once again reach over the nest 5 years.


By working with a wide range of suppliers we ensure that we have access to the best market pricing available. Prices can vary by 28% between the highest and the lowest quote for each customer. If you only check the price of one supplier, it’s rare that their prices will be the lowest on offer. Our portal takes the pain away from you needing to trawl the market looking for the best deal.


All the suppliers picked by our energy partner have been carefully selected by us based on their long-term financial viability, billing accuracy, ease to do business with and responsiveness to our customers. Rather than have dozens of unproven and untested suppliers, we only let the very best partner with us. The cost of placing business with a financially unstable or unethical supplier can be catastrophic to your business, let us guide you in this vital decision.