So.....what does Horizon Collaborate offer?

Consider the following, according the Independent newspaper, the average UK worker wastes around 13 days per year in unproductive meetings and the cost of those unproductive meetings to SME's is almost £1m per year.


Obviously, the exact cost to a business depends on the size of the business, the number of employees involved in the meeting and the number of meetings per year.


The Havard Business school has calculated that if a company with 10 people earning £40k per year attend a monthly meeting lasting just 4 hours, the cost would be in the region of £1200 per meeting, nearly £15,000 per year.


Quite simply, Horizon Collaborate gives businesses and more importantly their staff the ability to work and collaborate from wherever they are on whatever device they are using, be it PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.


Collaborate is seamlessly integrated with the UK's most popular hosted PBX platform, Horizon, and for those customers also requiring a physical handset on a desk, we can provide you with FREE handsets. 


UK businesses are now realising that the traditional office phone system is fast becoming a thing of the past, as hosted solutions continue to provide more and more of the functionality demanded by todays modern workforce.


Horizon Collaborate is available for as little as £25.00 per user per month and includes unlimited minutes to UK landlines and UK mobiles as well as audio/video conferencing, web collaboration, instant messaging, Outlook integration, and presence.


Had the business with 10 people attending a monthly meeting been using Collaborate the annual cost of the monthly meeting would have reduced to around only £3,000, an 80% saving.


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